Unique, personalized treatments for healing and transformation.

My passion and purpose is to facilitate and empower you to live a vibrant, healthy and happy life using a combination of deep yet simple and effective techniques, personalised just for you. I am a certified Reiki Usui/Karuna/Master/Teacher, Intuitive/Energy Healer, Medium, Author.
Each session with me is a unique experience that builds on previous sessions for a deeper healing experience over time.

“I have had clients tell me I have helped them so much more in 3-4 sessions than 5-10 years of counselling”.


Sunshine Reiki HealingAs a Reiki Master Teacher, I offer individual healing sessions and Reiki Training for all levels of Usui/Karuna Reiki. I am an  energetic and inspiring woman with an ongoing quest for knowledge in the field of healing I am always studying and learning to compliment what I do for the highest good for myself and my clients and students.   Learn more about Reiki.


Achieve Your Dreams!

Using Louise Hay’s Heal Your Life philosophies,  I will help you apply simple, gentle techniques and tools to Heal Your Life.  You will learn to see your own beliefs and understand where they came from and realise that they weren’t yours in the first place.  With this knowledge you can then accept your feelings and rewrite the story of your life.  You will learn to process, forgive and release parts of your stories that are no longer working for you.  In this way, we can create more space for growth, happiness and joy.

Are you ready to transform your life?

What I offer is the tremendous benefit of combining various modalities which sets this intensive program apart from others. The knowledge that you are supported throughout with a holistic approach – incorporating all levels – enables our working together to bring forth clarity, healing quickly and integration into your life – immediately bringing the momentum you desire with long term results.