Reiki Students

Elizabeth is a gifted healer.  I would recommend to anyone, to book a session and feel the powerful energy flow finding its way to the parts of our bodies where needed.  From only one healing session, I have began the journey of training to become a Reiki Master.  Level I training with Elizabeth is very organized, informative and instantaneously useful – particularly for this time on the Earth.
Thank you Elizabeth for sharing your knowledge and entering my life.    Elli

I had the blessing of taking the Reiki Level 1 workshop and attunement with Elizabeth. I had the most wonderful experience. Elizabeth is so knowledgeable and I received so many answers to questions I had from her. She made me feel so calm and welcome, I could not have asked for a more wonderful person to experience a Reiki attunement from. After the workshop I felt like my mind was clear and I made some big changes in my life that I should have done years ago. I would recommend Elizabeth to anyone interested in Reiki, and I hope I can meet with her again for the rest of the attunements.    K.Y.

Elizabeth is a gift of a teacher who makes learning something new very easy to understand.  We discussed the history and theory of Reiki, but also then put into practice what we were learning, hands on, so to speak. Elizabeth is patient and no question is considered worthless.  Having attended a workshop offered by Elizabeth in the past, I know her follow-up care and attention for answering queries is ours to have for life.    Irene. L

I recently took my Reiki level 1 with Elizabeth and found it an intensely healing experience. Elizabeth is a greatly intuitive and loving teacher, who allows learning to happen in a very organic way. I would highly recommend her to others and will without a doubt  I will be back for more learning.    Jessica. L

When something fulfills you, you feel the love and joy spread throughout your body even just thinking about it. Working and helping people has always been my aspiration, and I’ve had much fulfillment from receiving the thanks, smiles, hugs and tears that have come from the things I help others do or experience, that are often taken for granted. Taking my level one course from Elizabeth in 2009, I learned my level two from another practitioner  in Alberta, and while it was a great experience I couldn’t wait to get back to learn more from Elizabeth in B.C.  Her calm, joyful energy, sincere smiles, intuitive communication and years of Reiki experience pulled me to return to Sechelt and continue learning from her. I cannot express enough the connection and trust that was established with Elizabeth. Feeling safe and honoured, I repeated my level two Reiki, and learned all the way to Master Practitioner/Teacher with her. Words cannot describe the tranquility in my being after being not only infused with her great knowledge of Reiki, but also knowing I learned everything from a place genuine of love and light. To go on into the world again, ready to continue my work helping others more fully through this practice of energetic healing, I am already more fulfilled than before. Knowing life is a journey of continuous growth and learning, I feel enabled and confident that I have a great foundation that will be used in every endeavor I participate in from daily life to working with others, thanks to Elizabeth.  Elizabeth is deeply and truly committed to helping others through her healing, teaching and workshops, allowing you to find the ability to heal yourself and if so desired, others. If you are ready to open up and honestly find your truth and heal, then consider undergoing that process with guidance and love from Elizabeth. Your health, happiness and a new life await you! 
Thank you Elizabeth, for offering this to your community and students, clients and family. I’m honoured to have learned from a grounded and authentic teacher, whose gifts not only transforms the learning into application to others but introspection and growth from within. You are invaluable to those you work with, and may you feel cherished in my heart always.     Jessica Ross, BSc. TR, CRTS

A life altering experience. Exhaling Frustration – Inhaling Joy.    Cheryl. Mc

Thank you, Elizabeth. Can’t wait for Level 2 Workshop.    Lesley Mc. 

Very interesting. I enjoyed the workshop. looking forward to the next one.     Carol. B 

Well, here I am again. With each class/workshop I take” – I become more empowered and stay on my Path of Enlightenment.    Patricia. B

A life changing experience. Finally, on my true path of healing others and myself.
I’m excited at the possibilities and my future. Thank you for enlightening my soul; re-energizing me.     Brenda. L .R

Reiki Level I with Elizabeth today. I could never have hoped or dreamed of a better experience.
So exciting to find her and her love on my path towards self development. Thank you!!!     Jess. R

Today is the Reiki Level Two Attunement for me” – I have felt a deepening of the connection in the Reiki Energy and a flowing that has intensified. I have a strong intuitive feeling that this healing is profound.     Lyne. L

I will be back. It was a very mellow day. The beginning of a new year” – new hopes, dreams and energy.     Judy. F

A sacred experience, beyond my expectations, opening up to Love and Joy.    Jacqueline. A

A very special and sacred experience.    Erin. B

A very positive and relaxing experience.     Patricia. B

The session was very calming. In that serenity is clarity. Thank you!!    P. Gill

An enlightening experience – Good instruction.    Pam. F

Thank you … The Advanced Reiki is moving me to the next step on my life journey. It is all coming home to my heart and my intuition. What a gift!     Whitney. Mc

Elizabeth is a wonderful, caring woman who provides a warm and calming environment within her home where the Reiki Energy flows easily to provide healing and relaxation for body mind and soul.
I did my Reiki Level 1 and 2 about 6 years ago before I knew Elizabeth and re-did them this past summer, also doing my Reiki Master/Teacher Level. It was a marvellous experience. Anyone looking for a way to connect with their inner self, to heal past/present/future
situations in their lives, or if you just want a safe place to let go and find peace within yourself,
Elizabeth and the Reiki Energy can help. She is a gifted healer, a great friend and
I am so glad that the gift of Reiki has brought us together.    Shannon. H