Reiki and Drumming Sessions

Reiki and Drumming Healing Sessions

Reiki Healing sessions will last approximately one hour I also offer longer sessions of 90 minutes which are becoming more and more popular with clients. The number of sessions required by a client will vary depending on your wellness goals or the complexity of your  health condition.  I recommend a package of 5 Reiki treatments, as I know from experience that you will feel so very different at the end of the 5 treatments than when you first came to me.  You will feel confident, in your own power and healthier and moving forward in your life knowing where you want to go.

Sound healing is a deeper healing.  The drumming is amazing and so powerful. Reiki and drumming go together and compliment each other so well.  You will feel as if you are cocooned in the drumming and Reiki energy,  letting go of what is no longer working for you.  Going that much deeper for a deeper healing.  You will feel so good that this treatment.

I start with Reiki and then I  bring in the drum during the treatment. Once the drumming has ended I then do Reiki on you for the last few minutes of your treatment from a few inches about your body.

I highly recommend if you would like Reiki and Drumming to go for the 90min session or package as the 60mins seems to go by in a flash.


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Please note:  24hr notice is required for all cancellation appointments, otherwise a fee may be charged.


Online Payments

Select the type of Reiki Healing treatment that you wish to purchase and the add to your shopping cart:

60 minutes Reiki Healing Treatment
$90 incl. tax


90 minute Reiki Healing Treatment
$130.00 incl. tax


Reiki Healing Package of 5 x 60 minute Treatments
$425.00 incl. tax


Reiki Healing Package of 5 x 90 minute Treatments

$625.00 incl. tax


Reiki Healing with Drumming – 60 minute

$110.00 incl. tax


Reiki Healing with Drumming – Package of 5 Treatments

$525.00 incl. tax


[box] Gift Certificates are also available – great gifts for the family or friends, an ideal way to introduce someone to the wonderful benefits of Reiki Healing.[/box]


Distance Healing

Distance Healing is for those who don’t live locally and would like a Reiki treatment with me. Distance Healing works no matter where a person lives in the world.  How this works:  A client makes an  appointment with me by mutual consent.  At that time they may rest on their bed, or sit in a chair for the duration of the treatment.  I then send Reiki to them at that time for 30mins or so, depending on the client’s needs.  They will feel the Reiki as they feel relaxed and may even fall asleep.  When the treatment is over I then contact the client through email or phone later, and we share both experiences, what I felt from their treatment and how they felt during and after  the Reiki treatment.

30 minute Reiki Distance Healing Treatment
$45.00 incl. tax

60 minute Reiki Distance Healing Treatment
$90.00 incl. tax


Children’s Healing Sessions

Children’s healing sessions are 30mins and are great for helping children with sleep issues, helps with anxiety, stress, self confidence and bringing balance back into the body.  I have found working with children that Reiki opens the child up to speaking their truth and becoming more open to communicating about how they are feeling.


Contact Elizabeth for further details or to discuss the different options that could suit you.