Client Responses

Reiki has shown me how to heal in a soft and comfortable way. It has opened a new door in my life; my thoughts and actions seem so much more clear. I owe so much to Elizabeth for giving me such a great tool. I highly recommend everyone to experience Reiki. I believe we could all benefit from what it has to offer. Life, relationships and love should be great things, let Elizabeth show you this is possible.   Brad

It’s almost impossible for me to put into words what Reiki is, and how it has changed my life. I sit here struggling, trying to type words that don’t even come close to doing justice. Reiki is not something that you learn from a text book, it is felt. It is felt so, so strongly with amazing results. If the entire world did reiki our lives would all be so powerful and so peaceful. I remember one session I walked into the room, my shoulders felt heavy, my head was down and I had zero energy. After my session I was perky, so happy, and my head was held high, I felt like I could conquer the world!     The first time I sat on Elizabeth’s couch she asked me what was going on, and I am not one to spill my entire life to someone but the words just kept coming. I think I talked her ear off for an hour. She was instantly someone I could confide in, trust, know that the advice she was giving me was completely accurate to my life, and she always has the absolute best interest for each and every one of us. I was opened up to a world that I never knew existed, and I’ve never looked back. Reiki is a journey within yourself. It helps heal the physical, emotional and mental as well as opens you up as a Being. I could never say enough about Elizabeth and her gift. Thank you for everything that you do.   Tanya Plows

Elizabeth Candlish is a true healer.  Through her personal journey, her extensive training and unmistakable intuition, she has helped hundreds of people release pain and find true joy on so many levels. I am extremely grateful to have worked with Elizabeth in many capacities and to have experienced her profound healing touch in my own life and look forward to experiencing her work as it expands.   Leah Goard

Her training and support have opened myself to all these undiscovered sources of support and feelings that I had never acknowledged. Thank you soooooooooooooooooooooo much Elizabeth for for the gift of a new life direction. I am now on this path and it is so very exciting AND it just feels right. For once in my life – I know that I am on the right path. Life is GOOD!    Janet

Elizabeth is a wonderful workshop leader.  Elizabeth provides the love, guidance, and support you need for making the changes you want!   P.

Elizabeth, I am so happy to finally understand the Mind and Body Connection.   Jen C

I have had migraine headaches for approx 30 years.  A friend recommended Elizabeth for Reiki treatments to help with my migraines.  I was so amazed after trying everything possible with conventional medicine to find that after only two treatments my migraines have gone forever. I have now been over two months migraine free and do not see them coming back!  The difference in my life did not stop at the headaches though, my body is feeling so much lighter and my spirit is brighter. Elizabeth’s intuition helps guide her in how to best help and she has such a warm and inviting spirit that I am thrilled she also now offers Heal Your life Workshops.  I have just completed my first workshop.  Each week I was excited to attend and see what would open up in my life next!  My life does not look the same and I am moving forward in areas of my life that have been stuck for so long.
I also recently took my Reiki level one with Elizabeth and spent an amazing day of transformation.  I look forward to the next level.  The transformation does not stop at me, but continues with my family.  My two children, ages 7 and 8, are very excited to be taking their level one Reiki at the end of the month.  Such a wonderful opportunity for family healing!
Thank you Elizabeth for all you do in our community and making a better world.    Jo

I am pleased to write this testimonial in order to endorse and support Elizabeth, as she follows the path of healing through Reiki. 
Elizabeth is an energetic and dynamic woman with an ongoing quest for knowledge in the field of healing. Receiving a Reiki treatment from  her is a journey into a magical world, that produces a myriad of sensations, which are very thought provoking.
Upon entering her Reiki room you are immediately surrounded by peace and warmth. It is very clear that this is a sacred space. The ideal atmosphere in which to receive a healing.
Elizabeth’s humour, sensitivity and perception guide her as she proceeds with the session. Each treatment has been a unique experience for me. I find it amazing at how the energy is directed to the areas in my body that feel painful or are in need of healing: body, mind or spirit.
On my journey home, I reflect on my feelings of peace and well-being. These are just a few of the highlights of a Reiki treatment with Elizabeth.   Barb C

I really enjoyed my Reiki treatments with Elizabeth. I left feeling calm, refreshed and lighter in mind and body. Her intuitive mind and welcoming personality make the treatments very enjoyable. I would highly recommend everyone to come and have their negative energy cleared, for a happier and healthier well being. The experience was a very positive one for me.    Antonia

I met Elizabeth recently at the Gibsons Wellness Show and liked her immediately as her warm, friendly personality and “presence”  made a great impression on me. I booked a treatment with her shortly afterwards and returned home feeling absolutely wonderful, highly energized and empowered – and still do! It definitely improved my BODY, (healed my sore hip), instilled more positivity and optimism in my MIND, and enlightened my SPIRIT that now inspires me to work daily on my spiritual growth to evolve more as a human being and to help others.
I highly recommend having a treatment with Elizabeth; she is excellent in her healing work and is very intuitive as well!   Natalie

A life altering experience. Exhaling Frustration – Inhaling Joy.   Cheryl. Mc

What an incredible journey and such a grounding experience.   Nancy. H

It is so nice to take a deep breath again. Thank you.   Eva. S

Relaxed, Rejuvenated and Ready for 2009!!    Shannon. S

Thank you – that was wonderful gift!    Sarah. G

A very deep relaxation, like a deep sleep.    Ray. H

Very relaxing – very warm feeling.    Delores. H

Magnificent treatment this evening. Now I will go home and sleep like a baby!!    Shannon. S

Second time different… Lighter in spirit, almost like my body had permission to be happy.   Heather. I

A very relaxing experience. I feel like a dark cloud has lifted off of me.
It is an experience I recommend to everyone. I feel better and better with each treatment. It is amazing.     Shannon. S

Personal experiences over several months have left me in no doubt of Elizabeth’s dedication
to her Healing Gift, her caring attitude towards clients’ needs, and the effectiveness of Reiki.
Having left the office after a challenging day, I was quite ‘uptight’, but
within 15 minutes of a Reiki treatment I was totally relaxed; and impressed right from the start!
Other benefits have been noticeable – such as going up a flight of stairs without my knees aching. And most recently, being able to take deep breaths (previously only with discomfort due to surgery) after a Reiki session.    Chris. T

Elizabeth, yesterday, you introduced me to my very first Reiki treatment. I did not know what to expect
from the treatment, I can say with total confidence that I found it to be an incredible experience.
You told me when you started the treatment that words or sentences come to your mind and
you just speak whatever that may be. It may have some meaning to me or it may not. Almost everything you spoke had meaning for me and was exactly what was going on in my life at the time. The four Angel cards pulled at the end of the treatment reflected the same.
When I left your healing room I felt like I was on “cloud nine” and on the way home had to stop and tell a friend about my experience. You said the boost in my energy level would last about 48 hours and that it did. Thank you Elizabeth, I am looking forward to my next treatment.    Jean. R

While visiting my cousin in Sechelt… she had recently met with Elizabeth and had a Reiki treatment…
“J” was telling me about her experience and I had an “Aha” moment!
I have various chronic health problems and I lean heavily on prescription drugs… after a troublesome and
tiresome Winter I felt I wasn’t improving or even coping with myself… so to make an appointment
with Elizabeth seemed the right thing to do… I’m glad I went with my gut instinct.
From the moment I met Elizabeth I felt extremely comfortable, like greeting an old friend…
upstairs in her sanctuary it was an instant “WOW”… like all my senses were coming alive…
the atmosphere was warm and welcoming… her music washed over me, soothing…
my reaction and response was completely natural and surprising!
At first I felt I was baring my soul… Elizabeth was so in tune with my body…
I know I was shaking… I was overwhelmed with emotion… I cried… I could feel the tension leave my body…
again my reaction and response was natural… it was highs and lows like I’d never experienced before…
leaving me absolutely drained… yet balanced… serene…
full of certainty that I could face anything life threw at me… Thank you Elizabeth.   Kay

At long last…. For a new experience in the profession of Reiki, Elizabeth gently explained what I was to expect with my treatment. Her personal compassion and caring made my experience richly rewarding. I left this new experience refreshed, renewed and re-energized, and more optimistic than when I arrived.
Elizabeth, thank you for your engaging sharing and caring. You have a very special gift in your profession and I am so fortunate to have found you!    Lydia


Reiki Workshop Testimonials – What the students have to say …

Recently I took my Level One Reiki course with Elizabeth and it was one of the most important decisions I have made on my journey thus far. I have always seemed to struggle with some of my purposes here on earth and by doing this course I received so much clarity. My heart and soul are in a much better place as I continue to grow.

Elizabeth is a kind, gentle soul who seems to know exactly what a person is needing. The course was beautifully laid out, professional and easy to understand. The whole atmosphere was warm, comforting, and open to questions and comments. My life path is changing because of this course and all Elizabeth has to offer. I could not be more excited.

I will be attending Level Two as soon as possible with Elizabeth as I fell she is the person meant to guide me through the journey. Thanks you so much. The future is bright.   Heidi Taylor


Elizabeth is a gifted healer.  I would recommend to anyone, to book a session and feel the powerful energy flow finding its way to the parts of our bodies where needed.  From only one healing session, I have began the journey of training to become a Reiki Master.  Level I training with Elizabeth is very organized, informative and instantaneously useful – particularly for this time on the Earth.
Thank you Elizabeth for sharing your knowledge and entering my life.    Elli

I had the blessing of taking the Reiki Level 1 workshop and attunement with Elizabeth. I had the most wonderful experience. Elizabeth is so knowledgeable and I received so many answers to questions I had from her. She made me feel so calm and welcome, I could not have asked for a more wonderful person to experience a Reiki attunement from. After the workshop I felt like my mind was clear and I made some big changes in my life that I should have done years ago. I would recommend Elizabeth to anyone interested in Reiki, and I hope I can meet with her again for the rest of the attunements.    K.Y.

Elizabeth is a gift of a teacher who makes learning something new very easy to understand.  We discussed the history and theory of Reiki, but also then put into practice what we were learning, hands on, so to speak. Elizabeth is patient and no question is considered worthless.  Having attended a workshop offered by Elizabeth in the past, I know her follow-up care and attention for answering queries is ours to have for life.    Irene. L

I recently took my Reiki level 1 with Elizabeth and found it an intensely healing experience. Elizabeth is a greatly intuitive and loving teacher, who allows learning to happen in a very organic way. I would highly recommend her to others and will without a doubt  I will be back for more learning.    Jessica. L

When something fulfills you, you feel the love and joy spread throughout your body even just thinking about it. Working and helping people has always been my aspiration, and I’ve had much fulfillment from receiving the thanks, smiles, hugs and tears that have come from the things I help others do or experience, that are often taken for granted. Taking my level one course from Elizabeth in 2009, I learned my level two from another practitioner  in Alberta, and while it was a great experience I couldn’t wait to get back to learn more from Elizabeth in B.C.  Her calm, joyful energy, sincere smiles, intuitive communication and years of Reiki experience pulled me to return to Sechelt and continue learning from her. I cannot express enough the connection and trust that was established with Elizabeth. Feeling safe and honoured, I repeated my level two Reiki, and learned all the way to Master Practitioner/Teacher with her. Words cannot describe the tranquility in my being after being not only infused with her great knowledge of Reiki, but also knowing I learned everything from a place genuine of love and light. To go on into the world again, ready to continue my work helping others more fully through this practice of energetic healing, I am already more fulfilled than before. Knowing life is a journey of continuous growth and learning, I feel enabled and confident that I have a great foundation that will be used in every endeavor I participate in from daily life to working with others, thanks to Elizabeth.  Elizabeth is deeply and truly committed to helping others through her healing, teaching and workshops, allowing you to find the ability to heal yourself and if so desired, others. If you are ready to open up and honestly find your truth and heal, then consider undergoing that process with guidance and love from Elizabeth. Your health, happiness and a new life await you! 
Thank you Elizabeth, for offering this to your community and students, clients and family. I’m honoured to have learned from a grounded and authentic teacher, whose gifts not only transforms the learning into application to others but introspection and growth from within. You are invaluable to those you work with, and may you feel cherished in my heart always.     Jessica Ross, BSc. TR, CRTS

A life altering experience. Exhaling Frustration – Inhaling Joy.    Cheryl. Mc

Thank you, Elizabeth. Can’t wait for Level 2 Workshop.    Lesley Mc. 

Very interesting. I enjoyed the workshop. looking forward to the next one.     Carol. B 

Well, here I am again. With each class/workshop I take” – I become more empowered and stay on my Path of Enlightenment.    Patricia. B

A life changing experience. Finally, on my true path of healing others and myself.
I’m excited at the possibilities and my future. Thank you for enlightening my soul; re-energizing me.     Brenda. L .R

Reiki Level I with Elizabeth today. I could never have hoped or dreamed of a better experience.
So exciting to find her and her love on my path towards self development. Thank you!!!     Jess. R

Today is the Reiki Level Two Attunement for me” – I have felt a deepening of the connection in the Reiki Energy and a flowing that has intensified. I have a strong intuitive feeling that this healing is profound.     Lyne. L

I will be back. It was a very mellow day. The beginning of a new year” – new hopes, dreams and energy.     Judy. F

A sacred experience, beyond my expectations, opening up to Love and Joy.    Jacqueline. A

A very special and sacred experience.    Erin. B

A very positive and relaxing experience.     Patricia. B

The session was very calming. In that serenity is clarity. Thank you!!    P. Gill

An enlightening experience – Good instruction.    Pam. F

Thank you … The Advanced Reiki is moving me to the next step on my life journey. It is all coming home to my heart and my intuition. What a gift!     Whitney. Mc

Elizabeth is a wonderful, caring woman who provides a warm and calming environment within her home where the Reiki Energy flows easily to provide healing and relaxation for body mind and soul.
I did my Reiki Level 1 and 2 about 6 years ago before I knew Elizabeth and re-did them this past summer, also doing my Reiki Master/Teacher Level. It was a marvellous experience. Anyone looking for a way to connect with their inner self, to heal past/present/future
situations in their lives, or if you just want a safe place to let go and find peace within yourself,
Elizabeth and the Reiki Energy can help. She is a gifted healer, a great friend and
I am so glad that the gift of Reiki has brought us together.    Shannon. H