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“Elizabeth Candlish is a true healer. Through her personal journey, her extensive training and unmistakable intuition, she has helped hundreds of people release pain and find true joy on so many levels.”

Leah Goard

“At long last…. For a new experience in the profession of Reiki, Elizabeth gently explained what I was to expect with my treatment. Her personal compassion and caring made my experience richly rewarding.”


“Reiki has shown me how to heal in a soft and comfortable way. It has opened a new door in my life; my thoughts and actions seem so much more clear. I owe so much to Elizabeth for giving me such a great tool. I highly recommend everyone to experience Reiki.”


Everyone Welcome

Health and wellness go hand in hand with feeling peace and joy and living your best life. When we empower ourselves, we say YES to welcoming good into our lives. When we affirm to let go of what no longer serves us, we open ourselves up to new experiences that create positivity in our lives. This act of selfcare is the greatest gift we can give ourselves. Join me in my powerful Healing with Joy treatments and say hello to the new YOU.

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