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Reiki workshops are offered on a regular basis for those individuals who desire a better understanding of Reiki and to heal from the inside out.   The ability to use Reiki is not taught in the usual sense but is transferred to the student during the Reiki Class – this is called an Attunement and can only given by a Reiki Master/Teacher. Reiki  Certificates are given to students after each level of Attunement. Course notes and an instruction manual are provided for each student, lunch is also included in the price.

I love Reiki workshops to be on a personal level. So I keep workshops to a maximum of 4 students.   I look after your needs for the day.  You only need bring yourself, I take care of everything else.

I teach all Reiki Levels (1, 2, Advanced and the Master/Teacher Level).

Workshops may either be on an individual basis or for a small group of students.   Once a date has been confirmed a deposit is required to hold that date.

Reiki Level One is about healing yourself and is an introduction to healing others.

1 day session

10:00am to 5:00pm


Reiki Level Two introduces the 3 Reiki symbols, that come with Reiki Level 2 and you will learn how to use them, experience how they work and the history behind them. Each Reiki workshop you will receive an attunement with  symbols.  You will also experience long distance healing and also receive long distance healing during the workshop.

1 day session

10:00am to 5:00pm


Reiki Level Three – Advanced is for the student who would like to use the Master Symbol, and will become a Reiki Master/Practitioner.

Price includes,  Reiki Level Three Manual,  handouts, Certificate at the end of the workshop.

1 day session

10:00am to 5:00pm


Reiki Master/Teacher Level is for those who would like to teach others Reiki whether it is family and friends.  This workshop comes complete with the last 2 symbols used for attunements.  This day can be split up over two weekends if desired.

This is a 2 day intensive workshop.

10:00am to 5:00pm


Children’s Reiki Workshops

Age 4-10

Children learn about Reiki in a gentle and easy way. Bringing together Reiki and the young is a sure recipe for magic on Earth. This program is designed for those 4-10 years of age that march to their own beat and hear the sounds and feelings of all. These young ones manifest on this planet as teachers, guides and leaders and bringing Reiki to them enables clarity and validation of their inherent abilities.  An attunement will be offered during the workshop, the acceptance of which is entirely up to the child.  The emphasis will be placed on experiencing  Reiki and putting words and feelings to this experience through art, movement and sound.

The workshop is conducted in a child friendly environment.  There will be creative work and physical play, as such comfortable clothes are essential.  Snacks and refreshments will be made available.

$120.00  includes refreshments, Reiki Level One Manual, Reiki Level One Certificate – Hours 10am-3pm

All Reiki Workshops are held regularly throughout beautiful Sidney, Victoria, B.C. – please contact Elizabeth for more details. Dates and times are flexible and can be arranged to suit your busy schedule.

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